Letter from the Board

As many of you know, an initiative has been underway for the last 6 months (or longer…) to establish a ME youth lacrosse program. We are reaching out to all of you as leaders and active participants in youth lacrosse. We would like to provide an update to this group of influencers in Manchester and Essex. Because of your efforts, the participation in lacrosse has grown steadily over the last 5 to 7 years. With that growth, comes the opportunity to create a youth lacrosse program for ME kids.

First, a bit of (recent) history…

While not a new idea, the creation of a ME town program gained some traction 6 months ago.  With HW and Cape Ann hosting our players, the sport has gained popularity in our community. The increased participation has generated the opportunity for ME youth lacrosse to operate as a standalone program. After examining the numbers, a small board was constructed to determine the viability of a ME program. We looked at existing town models; successful and otherwise. We examined key factors such as critical mass of players and coaches over the next 5 years for both the u9 through u15 girls and boys programs.

The board developed a vision:

Supported by quality coaching and active parental involvement, ME Lax will create opportunities for kids in the communities of Manchester and Essex to learn, develop and grow at lacrosse.

The ME board met with the HW and Cape Ann boards. The goal of these meetings was to insure that our potential split into a separate program did not adversely affect their efforts. We continue to work in conjunction with both programs.

Additionally, we have met with league officials to better understand the ‘best practices’ as towns rollout of existing infrastructures into their own programs.

With much counsel and discussion, we have arrived at the following path forward.

  • ME Lax will spend at least one year working under the Cape Ann lacrosse umbrella as a hybrid program
  • ME Lax will have its own board as well as 2 representatives within the Cape Ann board
  • Cape Ann will govern financial commitments; including registration and insurance during this hybrid year
  • Teams will be rostered by towns (as numbers allow)
    • X teams will be rostered to Manchester and Essex players
    • Y teams will be rostered to Gloucester Rockport players
    • ME teams will play all home games at Manchester Essex High School (Hyland Field)
    • Gloucester Rockport teams will play all home games at Gloucester High School (New Balance Field)
    • U9 programs will become ‘house’ leagues – working on player development and skill building
      • We will ‘scrimmage’ multiple times with HW & Beverly; creating a small local ‘house’ league between ME, HW, Beverly and Gloucester Rockport. This approach allows these players to build important skills and gain some experience at game play
      • As referenced in emails from the HW board, players at the u15 level will be allowed waivers if they have played in the HW system (please reach out for more specific info if needed).

This approach will allow ME Lax to get our collective feet under us for a year while we prepare for an eventual rollout to our own program. HW, Cape Ann and the respective regional lacrosse boards have been involved in the process and are very supportive of this path forward.

This is the part where you all come into play. With the administrative elements behind us, we would like to try and create true momentum within this group toward a great town lacrosse experience.

In order to communicate this more broadly, we ask that you circulate this information. If you coached, please reach out to the kids from ME on your coach’s lists. Pass this along amongst your peer groups. Communication is key to building the type of program and culture that will be successful in our town.

Registration is open for Cape Ann. The link is here.


If you are interested in coaching or helping in any way, please feel free to reach out. We will continue to communicate via email as we setup a Facebook group and establish a website.

Thank you again for helping to make this season a huge success.


ME Lax Board

Bryan Riehl

Darren Ross

Mike Athanas

John McCavanagh

Molly Prinn

AJ Lopardo